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02 May 2008 @ 12:26 am
Naruto - In Rememberance  
Title: In Remembrance
Series: Naruto
Characters: Genma, Kakashi and fierce mention of Hayate
Rating: PG
Summary: When Gekkou Hayate passed on, he did so the way he did all things: silently and profoundly. When the Jounin he fought beside paid respect to his memory, they did so the same way.

In Remembrance


Two days after the shock of Gekkou Hayate’s death, before Shiranui Genma would be tied up with refereeing the next round of the Chuunin exam, a note was found posted to the Jounin room door:

“He was always silent at the Academy. The only thing telling that he was alive was the occasional, discrete cough. Otherwise, Gekkou Hayate was silent as the grave.

He never cried when he got hurt or when he lost or when he was reprimanded for doing something wrong like the other kids would. He would simply stand, silently absorbing it. I was never really sure whether I admired that trait of his or if it just freaked me out.

Though his silence was what made every other thing he said so profound. The less he spoke, the more important the words he did let out were. As was the same way with his odd sense of humor. He was cool in that kind of way.

When you brought a problem to Hayate, he would listen silently and would only give advice if you asked for it. When Hayate had a problem, no one else would ever know about it. No one else would ever worry about it. He wouldn’t let them.

Hayate never expected recognition for the things he did. He never complained and he valued his comrades like blood relatives, which was refreshing seeing as most of us had lost our own long ago. I always liked having Hayate on my team for a mission because I knew I wouldn’t have to be watching my ass to make sure it was covered.

When Hayate fought for his people, for his purpose, he put his whole life into it. When his coughing fits got in the way, he brushed them aside without a question. When he was pushed to his limit, he would struggle farther until his body ceased to allow it.

And as Gekkou Hayate did with all things: When he passed on, he did so silently, and profoundly.

See you later, ‘Yate. We’ll miss you.

-Shiranui Genma.”

Two hours later, a few more sentences were scrawled onto the bottom of the page:

“And when those comrades whose lives were affected by his indomitable spirit fought for his memory, they did so in the same manner he fought for them.

With everything they had.

With everything they owed him.

Rest in peace, Hayate.

-Hatake Kakashi.”

The note remained there for three months before it was moved into a frame to be placed on the wall inside the Jounin room, across from a window so, come morning, the sun would hit the glass and reflect it through the room, bringing light, once again, into the depths of the harsh lifestyle that was led in that village, by those people who held him so dear.